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Agreement on the Exchange of Radiation Monitoring Data. Publicēts oficiālajā laikrakstā "Latvijas Vēstnesis", 3.07.2002., Nr. 99 https://www.vestnesis.lv/ta/id/64113

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Cilvēka genoma izpētes likums

Vēl šajā numurā

03.07.2002., Nr. 99


Veids: starptautisks dokuments

Pieņemts: 07.06.2001.

Oficiālā publikācija pieejama laikraksta "Latvijas Vēstnesis" drukas versijā.

Agreement on the Exchange of Radiation Monitoring Data


The contracting Governments of this Agreement, hereinafter referred to as the Parties

Considering their efforts to further develop preparedness for nuclear and radiological emergencies and good relationships between the Parties in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Region and contribute to a multilateral co-operation on exchange of radiation monitoring data to the benefit of all Parties,

Recognising the importance of international exchange of information in handling nuclear or radiological emergencies,

Have agreed as follows:


Article 1

The Parties will, through this Agreement, establish the necessary legal and administrative basis for improved exchange of radiological data between the Parties in normal situations and in case of nuclear or radiological accidents or incidents, and thereby provide an improved basis for situation assessments, decisions and public information.


Article 2

2.1 The Parties shall without delay and compensation make available to the other Parties updated information and data from their own national radiation monitoring networks they have available themselves.

2.2 Unverified data and information shall be declared as such.

2.3. Parties receiving unverified data and information according to this Agreement shall not make them publicly available or available to a third party without the consent of the originator.


Article 3

3.1 When signing the Agreement each Party shall appoint a competent authority responsible for practical implementations of this Agreement.

3.2 Each Party shall ensure that its competent authority not later than 1 month after the entry into force of the Agreement for the respective party, appoints a point of contact for the exchange of information.


Article 4

The appointed competent authorities shall agree on procedures and practical arrangements for the implementation of this Agreement no later than 3 months after this Agreement has entered into force.


Article 5

Each Party is responsible for implementing and running its own national monitoring and communication systems necessary for realisation of this Agreement.


Article 6

A state can express its consent to be bound by the Agreement by

6.1 Signature not subject to ratification, acceptance or approval,

6.2 Signature subject to ratification, acceptance or approval.


Article 7

The Government of Norway is hereby designated as the Depositary and shall:

7.1 Promptly inform all signatories and Parties of the date of each signature, the date of deposit of each instrument of ratification, acceptance or accession, and the date of entry into force of this Agreement, as well as the entry into force of any modifications and amendments thereto and of the receipt of other notices;

7.2 Transmit duly certified copies of this Agreement to all signatories and Parties.


Article 8

8.1 The Agreement enters into force the day when at least 6 parties have expressed their consent to be bound by the Agreement.

8.2 Any Party may withdraw from this Agreement by written notification to the Depository. Such a withdrawal shall become effective 90 days after receipt of the notification by the Depositary.

8.3 This Agreement may be acceded to by any interested government or intergovernmental organisation. The Agreement shall take effect for the acceding government or intergovernmental organisations 30 days after it has deposited its instrument of accession with the Depositary.

8.4 Any modifications or amendments to this Agreement, and any additional protocol to it, may be made by mutual agreement of the Parties to this Agreement. Negotiations shall be initiated when at least four Parties so require in writing.

8.5 Modifications and amendments pursuant to this Article shall enter into force for all Parties 30 days following the date of the receipt of the last notification to the Depositary confirming that the required national conditions for their entry into force have been fulfilled.

Signed at Hamburg on 7 June 2001 in one original in the English language.

Oficiālā publikācija pieejama laikraksta "Latvijas Vēstnesis" drukas versijā.



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